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The Great Fire of London 1666

Tuesday 3 April 2018
by Laurence Bernard

Scan the QR codes and discover the history of The Great Fire of London using the application Mirage Make (Android version or IOS version).

Each QRCode takes the students to an animation using various pictures and audio taken from "In our Time - The Fire of London" BBC Radio 4 , (11/12/2008; 45 min.)

The paper worksheet below can be used for students to take notes of key-words as they listen and watch each animation and/or to write a full answer to the question asked in Mirage Make.

PDF - 1.2 Mb
Great Fire of London worksheet + Qr Codes to scan

As a final task, using their notes, students could be asked to write an article as published in The London Gazette on September, 8, 1666 or to record a 2/4 min. "This day in History " podcast .

PDF - 93.2 kb
The London Gazette worksheet

If you would like to do some Grammar revisions about tenses here is a series of online quizzes ( made with easilea.com) based on Samuel Pepys’ Diary where students have to spot verbs and auxiliaries in the present, past or past participle.

PDF - 51.5 kb
Samuel Pepys’ Diary (excerpts)

3 great online interactive games

- On fireoflondon.org
The Great Fire of London Game

- On BBC (archive)
A game about Samuel Pepys’ diary
1/ The great plague
2/ The great fire of London

- On mylearning.org
Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London interactive and pdf. files to download (excerpts, story-board)

Students will better understand the reason why the fire spread so quickly by watching this amazing 3D animation plunging us into the heart of 17th century London just before the fire of 1666