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Dreams are not reality

Tuesday 15 September 2015
by Laurence Bernard

In this unit, students learn about the American Dream, and discuss the question whether the American Dream is still possible to achieve.

- The first reading / writing activity is based on three famous quotes that are rooted in the American Dream to help understand and define the concept

PDF - 92.6 kb
Defining the American Dream

- In the second series of activities , students read headlines from CNN about the "New American Dream" in relation to " money" . They learn vocabulary and strategies to write a paragraph by sequencing, developing/reinforcing/rephrasing and contrasting ideas.

PDF - 244.1 kb
Dreams are not reality - CNN Money worksheet
JPEG - 110.3 kb

- Students then study the song Where is the Love? by the Black-Eyed Peas, using this worksheet and this interactive activity.

PDF - 458.5 kb
Where is the Love - Lyrics and Topics

- They also study the song America from West Side Story

- Eventually students will write an essay using the documents studied in class to answer the Question "To what extent is the American Dream still alive?"

Below is a great infographic fromvisual.ly that will give more food for thought

Sizing Up The American Dream

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