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Klondike Gold Rush

Tuesday 23 December 2014
by Laurence Bernard

How it works

This activity requires the "Aurasma" application on Android devices (Google Play) or iPad (App Store) + internet access, as well as suscribing to my channel using the following link :
http://auras.ma/s/vMCA7 . It’s all free!

In class Context

This series of activities is part of a "Gold Rush" unit.

1- Anticipate from the picture: brainstorming activity on www.todaysmeet.com.. Students can also be encouraged to formulate questions and record them using the Die n Rec app.

2- The picture below will trigger a learning Aura divided in 6 main activities.

The class is divided in groups of 4. Each student chooses or is assigned one of the four corner-icons, then all students take the quiz and all students send an email to their teacher with a list of keywords related to their activity.

3- On the following day, new groups are formed, (students are grouped by document) . The teacher provides the groups with their lists of words and students organise their synthesis of the document into a collaborative mindmap using another application or simply A3 white sheets of paper and colours.

Eventually, former groups are formed again for a final mindmap on all documents.

Students can also work individually, from home and do all the activities.


First, scan the picture with Aurasma, then press the activity-icons in the 4 corners of the picture to (watch a video, listen to a podcast, locate on a map, read), then take a Quiz. Don’t forget to take notes while you study these documents . Finally, recap from your memory and notes with a list of key-words ; press the red email icon to send your list to your teacher.

This series of activities will be followed by a collaborative mindmap activity

ChilkootPass steps.jpg
"ChilkootPass steps" by Cantwell, George G. - Library University Washington; first published in 1900, "The Klondike, a souvenir", Rufus Bucks Publisher, Seattle, 1900 (no page numbers). Digitally altered image to remove caption at lower left (see uploaded version for original).. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

If you want to access the resources without Aurasma, just click on the icons below