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Us Monuments and Landmarks Android App

Sunday 10 June 2012
by Laurence Bernard

This app, like the previous "Wh- Die ’n Rec App for EFL"", was made with App Inventor, which is no longer Google’s but is now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and accessible to all, for free.

The App is based on David Wolber’s "Tour Map" and consists of a list of 15 US monuments and landmarks that the students can choose from, to get there. Once they click on the monument’s name, the app opens Google Maps. From there, many lesson ideas can be envisaged depending on your objectives. I recently came across this article, which I found very instructive. TEFL Lesson Ideas: Using maps & technology in class…more interesting than it sounds! by Ian James.

Below are 3 screenshots of the app

1- Homepage: click on the "choose a monument" button to start

Screenshot 1 {PNG}

2- List of Monuments: click on a monument’s name

Screenshot 2 {PNG}

3- Get there: Google Maps take you right above the monument. From there, Students can zoom in or out, and can visit the surroundings. Some places might have the "street view" option, check it out!

Screenshot 3 {PNG}

This App is not on Google Play store, but it can be downloaded by scanning the QR Code below, or download directly from here: usmonuments.apk.

QR Code - Download {PNG}

This article in French at "Le Site d’anglais de l’académie de la Martinique"