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CmapsTools to create concept maps

Sunday 27 February 2011
by Laurence Bernard

CmapsTools is an open-source program and server that allows you to create and share "concept maps", also known as "mindmaps".

It is easy to use, and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS in a wide range of languages.

It seems to me that it offers more flexibility and creativity in organization and layout of the content than Freemind, which still remains one of the best programs for mindmapping.

Maps created with CmapsTools can be exported in various formats like pdf, txt, html, jpg, etc.

CmapsTools would be perfect for use in class with an Interactive Whiteboard. Students can not only edit the clouds, but also the links between the clouds, change their position, etc.

Below are 2 examples of an activity on the chronology of the main events of a text from And Justice There Was None by D. Crombie (2002).

*Student’s map 1 is an activity which consists in editing the arrows between the clouds.

*In Student’s map 2, students first have to replace all clouds in chronological order, and edit the arrows between the clouds.

*Expected answers are given in the teacher’s map.