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Ellis Island: Interview with a tour guide

Monday 24 March 2008
by Laurence Bernard

The Ellis Island Listening comprehension worksheet and audio excerpts are adapted from Vogel- Ellis-Island at http://www.albany.edu/talkinghistory/archive3/

This audio programme is an interview of a former tour guide at Ellis Island. The orginal 29-minute programme was edited in 5 audio files (from 1’ to 2’30" long)

* Download the listening comprehension worksheet below.

* Download the 5 .mp3 files: VogelA / VogelB / VogelC / VogelD/ VogelE

* Ask students to fill in the listening comprehension worksheet

* Ask students to make (or record) an oral report of 2 or 3 audio files using the notes on their worksheet.